RCD & CE compliance. 

CE marking for boats and related equipment, complying with the EU Recreational Craft Directive (RCD)

We are very aware that many of our clients find it difficult to navigate through the RCD requirements in order to achieve CE compliance; it is a tricky process with many pitfalls and exceptions. We are always happy to talk to you about the best solution to get your boat CE Certified based on your experience and needs, so please feel free to call us to discuss how we can best certify your yacht!

Please also note that Guy Whitehouse is also able to act as a Surveyor for IMCI, a “Notified Body”.

A “Notified Body” is a government-appointed body that CE may perform inspections. IMCI is an internationally operating Notified Body (headquartered in Brussels). It is by far the largest CE certification agency in the world. IMCI is a non-profit organization and works with CE inspectors across 19 countries. IMCI has already had more than 5000 boats certified worldwide.

In the UK we are one of two fully qualified IMCI CE inspectors. We are continuously trained and kept informed of the latest ISO standards and regulations. The inspectors in the individual countries provide their own acquisition and local approach to the market. The actual CE inspections are performed by the inspectors and the paperwork prepared and stamped. The paperwork is then finalized in Brussels, after which the certificates are sent. For more information please look on the IMCIwebsite or contact us directly.

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